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On the Nature of the KTC Fundamentals Trainings

The Ketamine Training Center has been presenting our Fundamentals Training for over 4 years with more than 700 participants in our 5–6-day experiential programs. Practitioners represent the spectrum of licensed prescribers, psychotherapists, and clergy—with an international presence.

Our programs begin with on-line sessions preceding the in-person presence at our extraordinary residential retreat centers east, west, and abroad. Non-denominational ritual, yoga and meditation are voluntary component parts of our sessions in conformity with the use of ketamine as an alternative and psychedelic medicine. We are the evolving methodological ground for the expanding therapeutic use of alternative medicines–alternative to conventional Pharma and psychiatry.

Essential to the provision of mind-altering medicines is personal experience with them. In the context of our 30-40 participant trainings, practitioners are exposed to a broad range of experiences facilitating awareness both personally and in the evolving communities of our trainings— and then in the follow-up sessions that continue cohesion and communication. Our Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates membership program furthers the development of practitioners, practices, and therapeutics with consistent input, support and benefits that build competency, cohesion, awareness, and program.

The Fundamentals Training is rich in awakening movement and emotion in each of us with our Expanded Awareness and Sharing. Low dose psychotic small groups, presentations on ketamine neuroscience by the renowned Jason Wallach, therapeutic strategies, mindfulness, trauma often with Bessel van der Kolk and Licia Sky, psychodynamics, IFS, gestalt, psychedelic medicine therapeutics, and much more are woven into our programs. Our Leadership Group will vary in composition and will include Phil Wolfson, author of The Ketamine Papers. Group experiences of our methods for administering sublingual lozenges and intramuscular injections of ketamine are a fundamental part of the experience, with early competency development in these forms of administration—in the two roles or sitter/therapist and recipient.

We welcome your interest, applications, and presence!

Barcelona in the Romantic Days of the Early Summer

Barcelona with Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) and the Ketamine Training Center
Phil Wolfson MD–Director and the Leadership of KTC, Òscar Pares and Staff of Clínica Synaptica and ICEERS. 

2 programs to bring KAP and ketamine practice to practitioners living outside of the US and Canada

The Community Event and the 4-Day Experiential Intensive

Program #1

July 7-8 The Community Event — Bringing you into the World of the Psychedelic with KAP—our legal medicine contextualized to in-depth psychotherapy. The essence of psychedelic psychotherapy with Ketamine as the first tool in the psychedelic toolbox. An Intensive didactic and sharing our remarkable psychotherapy experiences with KAP–as an introduction to the prospect of becoming a KAP therapist.

The Introduction to KAP Event—begins the afternoon of July 7th and continues for an all-day session on July 8th— an event to get to know the potentialities of ketamine in therapeutic use and building practices internationally—with Phil Wolfson and his staff and Oscar Pares and his staff (Clínica Synaptica). Up to 150 attendees.

Friday 7/7: 16h-20:30h
Saturday 7/8: 9:30-14h, 15:30-19h

Casa Convalescència – Aula Magna
C/ de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 171, 08041 Barcelona

Tuition: € 150 or $160
Professional Translation Services (VAT is included and up to 100 devices available): €50 or $54

Payments made through PayPal or by Credit Cart in either € or $

Program #2

The 4 day Experiential Intensive at Can Benet Vives Retreat Center

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy aimed at self-knowledge, knowledge of the medicine and the therapy, and building local practices in your home cities—setting the stage for your own work and collaborations—with us, your colleagues, and our Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates international organization

Arrival: Monday July 10th at noon with departure the evening of Thursday July 13th.
40 Selected Attendees

Location: https://canbenetvives.org

Food and Lodging Included
Van Transportation Available



On Application, a Fee of €450 $500 is required.

If unable to attend, or your application is declined, you will receive a refund of €350 $400.

Full payment is due after notification of acceptance.
Dates for notification of inability to attend are for full refund June 10th and half refund June 25th


Scholarships are available on a limited and person by person basis. Funding is provided by our non-profit organization to encourage application by practitioners who come from countries and institutions that make the full fee too difficult to pay.

There are no full scholarships available.


We would gratefully receive donations from those who are able and interested in supporting our scholarship initiative.