Garrison Institute Retreat

new york area—garrison institute residential retreat information​

This is KTC’s first residential retreat and we are pleased to hold it at the Garrison Institute located about 50 miles north of NYC. Travel time from the city and regional airports vary with traffic and distances. Count on an hour to two hours to get to Garrison.

Given the distance and time, we strongly urge not commuting. We will be at Garrison for 4 nights and welcome you before Sunday supper, the afternoon of the 2nd of June. Please arrive between 3 and 6 PM. Departure will be after conclusion on Thursday at 5 PM. Please consult the Garrison Institute website for travel options. Come towards 3 and acclimate in the beauty of the grounds.

KTC has included food and site costs for our non-residential training in our tuition budget. That will be applied to reduce the costs to you for the room and board at Garrison, which is already reasonable, and now is super. The full Garrison room and board fee—as below– is applicable, even if commuting.

Please pay the total fee—this will be the choice offered. This includes the particular tuition for your profession, and your choice of residence for the 4 days–single, double or dorm. If you are not companioned for the training, we suggest the single room option.

Here are the KTC reduced rates for the Institute 4-day packages that include room and all meals:

Single Room : $355

Double Room: $255

Dorm: $185

Also, please don’t forget to decide on CME/CE and make the appropriate payment. You can decide on this later.

Here is how it breaks down:

MD Tuition and Single room: $4500+ 355= $4855 complete

MD Tuition and Double room: $4500 +255= $4755 complete

MD Tuition and Dorm: $4500+185=$4685 complete

Other Professions:

Tuition and Single room: $3000+ 355=$3355 complete

Tuition and Double room: $3000+255=$3255 complete

Tuition and Dorm: $3000+ 185=$3185

Welcome to the KTC Garrison Institute Training!

We look forward to being with you in this marvelous experience.